13 September 2011

Hurricaine Katia

When a hurricaine wanders off from the Atlantic and makes its way over, the resulting winds are great for drying clothes quickly.

peg legs

the rain came and a rainbow spanned the river

before the storm

then the sun set


and the tail winds of the hurricaine hit, and in the night the boat rocked, rolled and doors flew open and closed that I hadn't snecked back, my cutlery drawer flew out because I hadn't secured it and my dinghy...
Ah my poor dinghy, it took off in the wind, complete with Yamaha outboard and landed upside down.
I was not happy to be greeted with the bottom of an inflatable dinghy and a propellor waving at the sky.
Thankfully, its a simple engine with simple needs. It just needed a little love and it works again, as the video proves.

The power of wind

I had a Rutland 913 on last season.
It was good, it charged and kept my batteries ticking over. But it was not quite powerful enough to keep them tippety tip top when I charged some of my juicier bits of electrickery. Plus the Rutland was only on temporary loan.

So I upgraded to an Airbreeze.


and a new inverter was installed around the same time... as well as a shunt in preparation for a battery monitor.