22 December 2010

Now then, I seem to recall us being in and trying to get out of a recession.
You'd think that this would spark off a little urgency in the working people, those who run small businesses and so on.

Well, ive been trying to get someone to come and have a look at a p bracket that needs 'a fixin' and blow me if they all can't be bloody arsed. Ive been told its because marine engineers dont take women seriously. I find thid hard to belive. My money and boat is no different to anyone elses is it? There's no hidden double x chromosome inside my money that makes it 2nd class. But this is the level of enthusiasm ive received thus far. I want a job doing. Have money, cash money to pay for it and noone seems to have any hunger for my business.

So, talking of business. There was a whole sorry episode in late August when I had my premier primo bellissimo uber dooper italian stallion swishy flashy bike stolen from a supposedly secure building in london. This sparked a change in my attitude and it left a large punctuation mark in my novel life. I decided to get on with things.

So I have. Ive started my own business.


Its early days. But I'm practically in full swing already. My canvas sewing machine is poised, as is my domestic sewing machine and my camera equipment is already in regular action.

The services I offer are canvas repairs, canopy repair, canopy window replacement, boat curtains and upholstery.
I also do photography, although less interesting to narrowboaters I guess, as I head out to capture yachts in action, racing at weekends on the east coast.
I do all kinds of photography though, including portraiture au nature, sporting and social events.
Then there the retouching, I can restore old vintage photographs, digitally at least back to life.

Meanwhile, my poor boat is out of the water until such time I can find someone to do some work for me. I need someone to push my boat out. So to speak.