22 March 2011

liberated bracket

finally after more chiseling and persuading with a hammer, the p-bracket has finally been liberated.
dehler 36 cws p bracket fitting
dehler 36 cws p bracket fitting
dehler 36 cws p bracket fitting
dehler 36 cws p bracket and prop shaft
its not looking very pretty.

then, i had a go at the engine skin fitting. its been looking dodgy since the last survey so I planned to change all of the skin fittings and ball valves.

As I tried to unscrew the ball valve from the skin fitting, the whole job lot snapped off in my hand. which made me laugh a slightly manic laugh, just the thought of it snapping so easily due to it being completely depleted of zinc, it's the stuff of my nightmares and I've jumped up in the night before now to go and check them for leaks or signs of anything wrong. To have one snap like this, well, I feel fully satisfied now that preventative maintenance is better than any other kind.

dehler 36 cws skin fitting and ball valve

dehler 36 cws skin fitting and ball valve

13 March 2011

pig. job. of a

todays work is the start of the worst pig I think Ive had to think about doing on the boat so far.
the P-bracket, the bit thats holds the propeller shaft, became wobbly after the long journey from Gibraltar. Although I'd guess that it had already had some rudimentary repairs along the way to keep it going and for the previous owners, or the owners before them to avoid having to do this dirty and fiddly job.

The way that the P bracket is mounted was a bit of a mystery as it was shrouded in a large grey fibreglass mound. This we (between my dad and me) decided to attack with chisels rather than a grinder to keep the dust down.

Its a messy job whichever way to attack it.

several hours of chiseling reveal a large bolt running through the top side of the p bracket and a chink of light shining through the hollow p bracket.
which isn't the best news, but I'm hardly surprised.
varekai,p-bracket,dehler 36,boat maintenance,fibreglass

as I was peeling back the glass fibre wrap on the outside of the P bracket I removed several areas of filler, including the area which revealed a long crack in the p bracket weld.
varekai,p-bracket,dehler 36,boat maintenance,fibreglass

varekai,p-bracket,dehler 36,boat maintenance,fibreglass

so now i need to remove the shaft, remove the p bracket, get it repaired/welded and then find someone to re-fit and re-glass it for me.

07 March 2011

When im cleanin windas

There's only so long I can avoid making eye contact with the postit to do notes dotted around the boat.
This morning, stuck to the nutella jar, replace lewmar windows.
Damn it.

Another postit stuck to the toilet door, empty back cabin (to prepare for work)
Oh stop it.

Since my morning trip out to find some sailing action resulted in zero action and zero pictures taken except for evidence of mass over signage at bradwell marina, I had nothing to use as an excuse to avoid the inevitable.

The back cabin has been a neglected area, used for dinghy storage and vacuum packed blankets.
A large furry red cushion (what is it about women and cushions?) and a bag of odd clothes I cant make my mind up about keeping or not. Not sure what to do with a unionjack tutu and tail coat.

Back room emptied, cushions up and boards up, theres is water pooled in various areas, I can only assume from condensation. Mildew growing on the backwall had to be dealt with and then take a look at the back end of the prop shaft I need to remove.


Welcome to bradbury

In search of some sailing action to photograph this weekend and with no signs of any white triangles around Burnham on crouch, I headed up north east towards bradbury which is on the blackwater and colne estuary. A short 7 mile drive.
The area all around burnham to bradbury is as quiet an area as any peace loving person could wish for. Smooth tarmac, barely any cars, birds singing, no noise pollution. A generally lovely place.

But then, when I pulled into the entrance to Bradwell marina I was suprised at the number or warning notices all over the place. At the entrance is a sign warning that its a working boat yard, please take care.

A little further down the drive, another sign, STOP, contact security. Which of course I didn't and discovered at the end, no where to park for free. The car park is protected by a barrier, a pound to go in! Welcome visitors, welcome and give us your money.

I parked my car on the driveway and abandoned it while I went for a look at the marina and its access from the river.
There was a nice grassy bank, beside it, a sign forbidding picnics.

As I wandered along a grassy bank, another sign giving rules for use of the slip way, banning jet skis, and a whole host of other water craft.

At the end of the grassy bank was a footpath linking across to another area with another slipway, accessed by the road. Thee gate was sporting a sign, all access forbidden. No entry.

Back up towards the control tower I wandered around for a moment, bouncing from one forbidding barrier to another. BRADWELL it seems must be some hive of criminal attention given the sheer amount of signs they have up forbidding everything but breathing. In such a sleepy place I cant imagine why they would have a pay for car park, when if we compare to the thames, there are plenty of places to park for free at the marinas along there.

I cant help but feel that bradwell marina is one of the most unwelcoming places ive visited. Sure, the people there are probably nice, but they should take a look through the eyes of a stranger at what its like to visit.