15 March 2013

A long time coming

Yeah.  That's right.  It's been a bloody long time since the last blog post. Its been winter.
But now it's spring I can come out of hibernation and let the world know about the latest  shenanigans on board Varekai as well as planned bullshittery for 2013.
There's a lot going on.
Varekai is coming out of the water for spring maintenance.  I much I prefer working in the warm.  So on the list:
Drop the rudder and check the repairs are still good.
Check the prop.  Its rattly. 
Drop the mast and replace the rigging.
Put in new halyards.
Chuck some new antifoul on
Give it a spruce bruce with a polisher and then. ...
Add the new logos.
New logos?
Yes.  A few hull decorations.
Because this is the year. The year I finally get my arse into gear for the round Britain project I've been mooting for so long.
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Come on board and have a giggle.  There's bound to be a comedy venue near you this summer.