24 February 2011

Looking but not seeing

All around, everywhere I look I see there are people who are looking but not seeing. Walking around on autopilot or in denial.
I saw man today walk up to a cash machine clearly displaying an error message on its screen. But he simply tried to put his card anyway without even registering anything on the screen, only realising when the machine rejected his card. I thought of him as automaton.
Another example, I read part of a blog today of someone I dislike quite a lot. I read it because I am curious and in a self flagilation kind of way it gives me pain to read what she has to say about her view on the world because she obviously doesnt see it in the same way as others. She wrote about someone questioning her level of education. The reason was as she wrote, that the other person thought she had a chip on her shoulder. She thought is wasnt her at fault but him and proceeded to slight him by writing further criticisms of him in her blog. She cant see, despite writing the conversation down in her blog, that maybe she does have a problem that cant be solved by being signed off long term sick. She has terminal potato chips, but there's no cure for that. Not while she cant actually see it. Blindness.
But no. Blind people see more clearly. They feel it.
I rode to work through london a different route each day this week from the train station, no idea if I was taking the best roads, I just followed my nose. Always end up in the place I want to be.
I need to feel im not becoming a part of the machine, the human conveyor belt. Or if I am already part of it, I need to know that I can get off for a look around sometimes. What struck me was how interesting it is to cycle around london streets. Particularly the City. If we raise our gaze, the architecture is music to the eyes.
After almost a year of getting up, going to work, getting home and going to bed, I feel like ive been stuck in some sort of creative blackhole. Noone can feel productive in a thoughtful creative and unique way living a life of mechanical precision.
There needs to be a bit of niggly randomness chucked into the blender.
Where does this leave my own insight? Im sure I can see quite clearly what I need to do, my problem is that im averting my eyes and looking away, not wanting to face it.
Its a case of seeing but not looking. Which is almost the same thing as the post title but not quite.
If only I could focus on  one thing at a time, I might see the light.
Or I might get varekai back in the water by easter?
The plan? Im pinning to-do lists in various places all around the boat.
Find a willing fibreglass expert to reglass the p-bracket.
Order and fit new cutlass bearing
Fit new prop shaft
Fit new anode
Order and Fit new skin fittings and ball valves.
Drop rudder and fit new bearings
Clean and scrape the hull
Paint with fresh antifoul
Fit new windows
Fit new hatch glass
Make new canvas cover for winchbar
Repair main sail and jib
Wash all running rigging
Re grease and lubricate all winches and pulleys.
But im sure I will find a way to not look at each note stuck in such a way to be right under my nose. Because if I look at them, I will see that evidentaly I am rather lazy and find any excuse to be occupied with something, anything else instead. 

17 February 2011

Mobile blogging two

Does the opportunity of blogging on the go as the thoughts form in my head of what i'd like to write about next devalue the experience? Does it make the thoughts any less sage because they are that bit younger and perhaps less well mulled over?
Not sure yet.
Having just performed a digital exorcism on my digital communicator I lost all of my digitally stored to do lists. Thankfully my non digital storage device, my trusty analogue brain and backup notepad in a bag still contain traces of such important lists of things that I must do.
As I eek out shadows of former ruminations, I realise that not many things on the lists actually got done. Mainly because they were hidden away on a digital device that needed activating in order to view said lists. Well, if one forgets the list, they are about as useful as a chocolate washing line.
The good old post it note, stuck to a door at reading height seems a sure way to get things done.
Making things achievable is also a way to get things done. Breaking them down into manageable nibbles instead of big chunks is also a good way to achieve the never ending list of things to be done.
In fact I rather like the rolling roadbook of the dakar rally bikes. I should perhaps have one of those stuck to the door.
And then I am reminded of the story of poor, rimmer. The simple minded space geek too stupid to pass a simple. Exam so spent all of his time creating more and more elaborate revision timetables, each one more elaborate than the last, until such time he completely ran out of time and had to sit the exam completely unrevised.
That is precisely how I feel about getting varekai ready to go back in the water. I've spent so much time actually planning and then doing creative things on the side that in fact absolutely nothing has been done since the boat came out of the water in early october 2010.

Still, at least my website looks nice ay?

blogging on the move

It has taken months of trying and being entirely unsuccessful, until now that is. A newly updated app from the magicial never never world of geekery has produced this post of non biblical proportions. Is this the future? Is this already the past? Who knows.
I do know that varekai is still high and dry on hard standing. Awaiting a pbracket person whos happy to do some work.
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